Power Probe 3 EZ Learning

Power Probe 3 EZ Learning


Sometimes it’s in our nature to not do the right thing… Like when we all know that we should read the Instruction manual or directions, but never do. Most of us just open our package and will “figure it out”. Think about some of your past experiences and what you may have missed from not reading either.


We all know that the Power Probe 3EZ applies power and ground, but did you know it can do more than just that? One of our beliefs is to educate the technician, as well as help them save time and money. With this in mind, we’ve added a new mode called EZ Learning to the Power Probe EZ.


EZ Learning was designed as simple as possible. Telling users upfront the benefits of the guides. The payoff might be worth the savings in customer service’s time down the road.


EZ Learning mode will guide you step by step showing you how to operate the PP3EZ and how the tool responds in certain testing conditions while maximizing the tool to its fullest potential.


To learn more about EZ Learning, please check this video.